A home from home as an alternative to boarding kennels. 

Our dogs are such an important part of the family that when it comes to the holidays we worry about how they will cope with going into kennels, how will they manage without their cuddles and will  they miss the special treats we give them. The egg they always have on a Saturday or the goats milk just before bedtime.  Whatever special treat your dogs are used to having in your home, they can have in my home.  They will not miss out on fuss, cuddles and companionship. 

We want you to  enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge, that your dog will be enjoying their holiday too. A long walk over the fields first thing in the morning, home for breakfast then maybe a little snooze, or perhaps your dog will be like mine and follow me about as I do a few little jobs. In between the jobs it is essential, as far as my dog is concerned, that I throw a toy down the garden for him to chase. Let me know your dog's favourite games and we can play them too. 

In the afternoon we go for another walk. This could be a footpath walk, to wear the claws down, a different field walk or we might even get in the car, if your dog is happy to travel, and go somewhere away from the village. When we get back from that walk it is time for me to start cooking dinner and for your dog to have another snooze or sit and watch my every move, in the hope that I will drop something tasty. Something I'm very careful not to do, but my dog lives in hope.

Before we go out for their short bedtime walk there will no doubt have been some more play.




Licensed by West Oxfordshire District Council

Licence Number W/18/01123/ANIMAL

Insured by Cliverton

About Us

We live in the village of Bampton in Oxfordshire with our dogs, Basil and Diddles.  Since Allan was very young he has always lived in a house with dogs while I grew up in a house that always had cats. I re-homed my first dog well over twenty years ago and since then have always had dogs. Basil was the first I had as a puppy. He is now seven years old and is  well socialised and loves to play with other dogs. We rehomed Diddles last summer as an eight month old puppy. She loves other dogs but, because she is small, we have to be careful around large bouncy dogs

Bampton is a lovely village to live in. Just a few minutes walk in any direction and we are in open countryside where the dogs can run about, have a good sniff and meet new friends. When all they want is a short walk, we can meander our way round the village footpaths and admire the scenery. We can always do a Downtown Abbey tour if your dog is a fan.

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As well as home boarding, we walk dogs and visit puppies,  within a 5 mile radius of Bampton.

Home boarding dogs live in the house with us as part of the family. 

Dog walking, daily, one off or irregular walks as part of a group. Maximum number of dogs walked at a time is three per walker.  

Puppy visiting  includes play, cleaning up any accidents as well as a outside toilet visit. Once they have been vaccinated you may want them to be taken out for a short walk during visits.

Cats Feeding, petting, brushing if needed, litter changing.


26 Chetwynd Mead, Bampton, West Oxfordshire. OX18 2BL | 01993852131


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