Home Dog Boarding

Prior to your dog boarding with us you and your dog will be invited to come and meet our dogs. You will see where your dog will be staying and we will know that your dog is happy in the company of our dogs. It is essential that they get on as they will be spending many hours in each others company. 

We will need to see proof they are up to date with their vaccinations, including  kennel cough.  Your dog  must also have been treated for worms, fleas and ticks.

When your dog comes to stay we ask you bring with him his own lead, bed, bedding, grooming brushes, bowls  and food. He will be happier and  more settled with familiar things around him. We provide treats but if your dog cannot have the ones we use please provide treats.

While staying with us he will have lead walks only, unless we have your written consent to let him off lead.  Off lead walks will  only take place a safe distance away from roads.


1 dog from £26.00 per day

2 dogs.from £39.00 per day

3 dogs from £52.00 per day 

Dog Walking

The walks could be daily, one or two days a week, or a one off when you are unable to take your dog for their normal walk.

Unless we have your written consent the walks are on lead. Only dogs with good recall are walked off lead with owner's consent.

We walk dogs as part of a group with a maximum of three dogs per walker. Dogs are collected and transported to the place of their walk. This could be near where you live or it may be further afield. 


                                1 dog                              2 dogs from same home

30 minutes             £8.00                            £12.00

1 hour                     £12.00                          £18.00

For one off walks there is a £5.00 supplement.

One to one walks are double the price of a group walk.

Puppy Visiting

This would normally be a thirty minute visit around midday but times could be varied to suit your needs and our availability.

Your puppy will get an outdoor break with lots of fuss and praise when they perform. Any indoor accidents will be cleaned up. There will be some outdoor or indoor play depending on the weather.

Once they have been vaccinated, with your consent, they could have a short walk. With your consent our dog may join them on a walk, to help them learn to socialise with other dogs.

They will be fed as per your instructions and their water bowl will be refreshed.

From £9.00 per 30 minute visit.


 Cats and Small Pets

When you are away from home we will come to your house and feed, give medication,  play, clean litter trays or cages.

While we are at your house, if you wish, we can also move post away from the door, open and shut curtains, water plants and turn lights on and off.

If you would like a small shop done, eg bread, milk, eggs, ect. we will leave those in your home either the evening before your return or on the day off your return.


From £8.00 per visit



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